Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brandon's "Night of the Long Knives!"

ate this morning we received a chummy email from Kevin Blier, brimming with what we've come to know well as his brand of Christian congeniality.  He'd even indicated that he intended to "continue to enjoy the insights" of our simple blog.  Sadly, that camaraderie has been short-lived.  His recent stunning loss at the polls has apparently weighed heavy on his mind and so a scape-goat he must find.  Within hours he sent us this new and, should we say, much more paranoid message:

"Blierwatch editor:

I have to say, I appreciate all the help in “spreading the word” around Brandon. You managed to orchestrate quite a last-minute whisper smear campaign that helped the liberals in town organize.

What took you so long to incite such vitriol and hatred? I mean, one of Brandon’s most prominent liberals, Warren Kimble, had my business card for three months. It took the left-wing cabal three months to get its act together? But, I’ve got to hand it to you, for a group so insistent on calling others “hateful”, you do a pretty good job of stirring up the worst in people, as evidenced yesterday at the polls.

Cowards like you probably sleep okay at night, even when your intimidation tactics mirror the very same things you profess to despise. You should read Mein Kampf, as most learned historians are required to as undergraduates. It’s amazing what self-hatred will drive people to. You may learn a lot about yourself before you get the chance to silence your opponents permanently.

You seem to be well on your way to adopting all the tactics to find a “final solution” for conservatives like me, starting with the “Night of Long Knives” that I faced at the Brandon polls yesterday, right into your website to intimidate me into silence. Such hatred must be hard to manage. I hope you can control it!

Kevin W. Blier, Director
Center for American Cultural Renewal & Vermont Renewal
P.O. Box 1566, Rutland, VT 05701
Contrary to Kevin's seeming belief, this blog has had no contact with any voter in Brandon.  We would like to hear more about this so-called "whisper smear campaign."  Details, Kevin?  Vermonters want to know.

Also, just about 24 hours before he had sent us his email, he'd written this at 802online:  

"Infusing the Nazi comparisons is not only passe, but it actually shows that you bring nothing to the table making a plausible, rational argument for your position."
All in all, quite a day for Kevin: lose an election; lash out at the voters; and manage a little flip-floppery to boot!

Today's exchange reminds us of another that we learned about while researching Kevin Blier and his group.  It seems that when Kevin was in the early stages of pimping for a Republican US Senate primary candidate, he'd decided that email flaming a Seven Days reporter, Peter Freyne, would be a clever thing to do.  Kevin indicated that the reporter would be out in the cold and have no access to the candidate in the future.  Given the candidate's by now well-known aversion to press in general, Freyne would seem to be in the same boat as every other reporter in the state, Kevin's spin notwithstanding.  Hopefully, Seven Days will get around to restoring their archive access - those emails were priceless!

In the meantime, Kevin, keep sending us those emails!

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


Anonymous Cathy Resmer said...

Hey, I noticed you used my quote on your site. I just want to point out some of the nuances behind my position on Kevin Blier and this blog.

It might not be apparent from that quote that I disagree with Kevin on a variety of issues. Not surprising, since I'm a lesbian interested in keeping my civil union, and a mom interested in keeping custody of my kid.

Kevin knows I disagree with him. We talked about our differences of opinion at length last week at the statehouse when I interviewed him for a story I wrote this week in Seven Days. I think he and I both recognize we have fundamentally different ideas of how the world should work with regard to those issues. And we had a civil conversation despite those disagreements. I like that. I like having civil interactions with my ideological opposites. Maybe I'm some kind of freak. I get that reaction a lot.

So while I don't endorse your site, I certainly don't endorse Kevin's site either. In fact, I don't endorse *any* site. I'm linking to your blog, just like I link to any other blog.

And while I don't *endorse* your site, I do think it's an interesting one. Tracking one's political or ideological adversaries in this way is smart. More people on all sides should do this. It would make my job as a reporter a little easier, and it makes for interesting reading.

And yes, we're working on getting our archives up so you can have access to Peter Freyne's columns about Kevin and CFACR.

Wed Mar 08, 09:12:00 PM EST  
Blogger Blier Watch said...

That's great, Cathy. The more resources on the internets, the better. We'd feel lost without our Seven Days! Including the old stuff!

We put the "not (an) endorsing" quote up more to let folks know that we don't take ourselves too seriously. We thought that your statement had a nice kinda ring to it so we added the "What Folks Are Saying About Blier Watch" section just to accommodate it. Blier's came in later and we don't see the two as remotely alike in any way. His though was priceless!

You've correctly determined that this site is intended to be a resource and, according to his email, the voters of Brandon seem to have discovered it, probably much as you did. It's apparent that he quickly forgets the last thing that he said as he moves from issue to issue. Our job here will be to sweep all of that crap of his into one pile that people can sift through later, as needed.

Wed Mar 08, 11:18:00 PM EST  

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