Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp!"

e first became aware that Kevin Blier might be broadening his horizons from merely lobbying for a hate-filled group like Vermont Renewal/Center for American Cultural Renewal, to entering the local Vermont political scene when we came across this entry in last fall's Selectboard Minutes from the Town of Brandon in Addison County, Vermont:
"Kevin Blier, resident of 49 Carver Street, advised that he has been asked to circulate a petition for inclusion on the March ballot.  Mr. Blier would like to know what the protocol is for circulating a petition for town meeting day requisition."

"Richard Baker stated that the statues indicate and suggest for resolutions at town meeting, an item can be placed on the ballot by a majority vote of the Select Board or a petition signed by 5% of the registered voters.  If a petition is given to the Select Board for items that are under local control and a legal petition is provided, the Board would consider this for inclusion.  If an issue is outside of local control, the Board does have the discretion of whether to place the item on the warning for town meeting, and if it were placed on the warning it would be for advisory purposes only.  It was noted that past Select Boards have opted not to include advisory resolutions in the warning.  Mr. Blier stated that he did not want to go through the process if it was not going to be considered and questioned whether the Board would be amenable to an advisory petition relative to under-age abortion.  Bill Hatch stated that he would personally discourage that kind of article, as he is uncertain that we could vote on something of this nature.  Mr. Hatch noted that it is at Mr. Blier’s discretion whether to move forward on this item.  Mr. Blier stated that with the statutes being unclear, it would be helpful for citizens to have a written policy on this process.  Steve Carr stated that if 5% of the registered voters signed the petition, he would consider it, but not knowing the nature of the petition, he could not advise whether he would approve or disapprove it at this point.  Keith Arlund stated that for reference, the handbook for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns does suggest there is a case law that supports a Board of Selectmen’s decision to not place advisory non-binding matter on the warning.  Keith Arlund stated that he would provide a copy of this information to Mr. Blier."

It's at times like these that the full extent of the emptiness of Kevin's organization's boasting at their website becomes apparent.  You should hardly call yourself a "DO tank" if you don't even know the fundamentals about Town Meeting and advisory petitions "at the local level."  One might think that Blier's team mate, Judith Sargent, editor of Vermont Renewal's newsletter, might have mentioned to Kevin that the Vermont League of Cities and Towns offers such information in its handbooks since her husband David serves as Chittendon Select Board Chairman, a fact she never seems to tire of "disclosing" in her faux news column (there are limits to what crap we'll link to, so in this instance we won't).

According to the Brandon Town Clerk and a subsequent check of Town records and minutes, no such petition was presented that resulted in an advisory warrant item "relative to under-age abortion" by Kevin Blier.  So much for that.

We were surprised when Kevin didn't resort to one of his usual attacks on the Select Board, as he so often does whenever the system doesn't comply with his demands.  In fact, it was so out of character that we sensed there must be more to come.  Sure enough, we soon discovered that shortly after his most recent failure, Kevin offered himself up to the community to be a member of the School Board at Otter Vally Union High School:
"The Otter Valley Union High School Board will see a race for a three-year seat, between incumbent Robert Clark and challenger Kevin Blier."
Well, the votes have come in for the School Board seat.  Kevin Blier loses again, and by a margin (37%) as dismal as President Bush's own recent approval rating in a CBS poll (34%).  He couldn't even garner the percentage of the vote that had opposed the school budget (43%).  Maybe the voters had gotten a whiff of his group's thoughts on Intelligent Design and figured that there might be better ways for a school system to piss away a million dollars.  Perhaps Brandon voters hadn't forgotten the lessons of an earlier homophobe and anti-Semite who used a School Board position as a steppingstone.  Whatever the reason, they didn't come close to taking what he has to offer.  So failing yet again, and despite the CFACR boasts about his and their leadership ability at the local level, Kevin might do well to remember Prov: 28:25  -
"He that boasteth, and puffeth himself, stirreth up quarrels."
Not unlike a pimp.  Or a lobbyist.  Or whatever.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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