Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kevin Blier Emails Update

reader was kind enough to provide a link to the emails Blier sent to Peter Freyne at Seven Days that we referred to in our earlier post.  The emails are reported on in this reproduction of the November 16, 2005 Inside Track column by Freyne (scroll down to "Feedback" section) or read the clipped version below:
Feedback -- We always enjoy hearing from readers, and last week we received a nice little email from Kevin Blier, the director of the Rutland-based Center for American Cultural Renewal --

The Center's stated goal is "to promote and protect traditional values based on the Judeo-Christian ethic . . . Our goal is to renew the promise of America envisioned by the Pilgrims of the 17th Century and the Founding Fathers of the 18th Century restoring our greatest institutions; traditional marriage, two-parent families, community and religious organizations, and civic responsibility for the purpose of renewing our values to fall in line with our most cherished traditions."

Earlier this year, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Richard Tarrant went to Rutland and spoke to CFACR members in his run-up to declaring his candidacy.  Apparently Richie Rich, a good Catholic boy whose charitable foundation has a policy against contributing to pro-choice organizations, made a good impression.

That's evidenced by the interest Director Blier took to our Tarrant coverage last week, and the fact that the Tarrant Campaign had not responded to our questions.  Wrote Director Blier:

"Tisk, tisk, tisk [sic]. . ."

Q. "What do you call a political columnist with no access to politicians?"

A. "Finished"

"I saw your wimpering [sic] tirade this week about a lack of access to Tarrant.  Funny how he won't speak to you after you've thrown him under the bus several times . . . imagine that, eh?"

"And forget about blaming "out-of-state" consultants for your lack of access.  If I have my way, you'll get access to no one and like it!"

"And loved how you sucked up to Jim Barnett . . . you should get "Lemon Through a Straw" award for the giant, tart-tasting sucking you did on that one!  By the way, how DO your lips feel after last week?"

"Considering the way you've gone after other members of the media in this state, good luck trying to find allies to make it painful for me.  Most of them I've talked to can't stand you, and what's it say that an outspoken conservative like me has more friends in the liberal Vermont media than you do, a member of that very media? Seems you've burned more bridges than you've built."

"That giant ticking sound you hear, Mr. Freyne, is the clock winding down on your dismal career!"

We were so impressed, we emailed Mr. Blier back, requesting his photo to run right here alongside his insightful missive.  Free publicity!

Unfortunately, and perhaps understandably, Kevin the sucking expert did not forward his mug shot.  Can't blame him.  In fact, he did send another charming, culturally renewing message, perhaps designed to prevent this column item from appearing:

"And of course, when you get done attacking me in your column, your editors will have no choice but to let me respond, which will give me access to your readers so they can hear my side of the story minus your editorializing."

"I love how a plan comes together.  I might have access to Seven Days readers for months to come."

Sorry, Mr. Blier, but you've already gotten more space than you deserve.  Your own words, we'd suggest, "attack" you better than we ever could.

Thanks for sharing.
Goodness, Kevin!  Not another failed plan?  And we'd forgotten all that talk about sucking and Freyne's lips.  Your email to us was hardly as personalized and we won't forget it!  Dirty boy!

Thanks to Chris in Bristol.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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