Thursday, March 30, 2006

Okay, Kevin

"If they want to pinpoint me as the high-profile public figure making these arguments," (Blier) suggests, "I say, start pointing to Steve (Cable).  He's the president (of CFACR/Vermont Renewal, formerly called Who Would Have Thought, Inc)."
- Kevin Blier in Seven Days
According to records available from the Vermont Secretary of State's database for corporations, on July 23, 1980 Stephen Cable was a registrant (Officer 5) of a corporation described as "Religious" that went by the name New Hope Ministries, Inc. The corporate status terminated on June 23, 1989.

Similarly, New Hope Ministries was registered as an corporation in California as early as 1981.  Today, New Hope Ministries is a so-called "ex-gay" ministry with ties to the discredited groups Exodus International and Love In Action dating back to the 1970's.  The "ex-gay" ministries have been widely rejected by professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association and are considered to be harmful to lesbians, gays and, in particular, youth.

The question is, was Cable's New Hope Ministry an early Vermont "ex-gay" ministry and did its leadership consist of, as is usually the case, "ex-gays?"

Nothing is impossible.  And that could explain an awful lot.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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