Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kevin Blier Comes Out...

for Vermont Republican Congressional Primary candidate Mark Shepard.

Well, sort of.

Although he stopped short of an explicit endorsement, Kevin Blier seemed to give a big sloppy, wet kiss to the Shepard campaign in this email sent to the Dwinell Political Report (scroll down to "THE ROAR OF THE CROWD: EMAIL" section):
"Mark's skills as it pertains to how he relates to people, especially one-on-one, is actually quite stunning. He has an unpretentious manner and is quite adept at pulling people towards him, even if they start out disagreeing. That is a rare trait that is a gift that cannot be taught."
Oddly, Kevin then went on to raise questions about the conservative bona fides of the putative opponent of Mark Shepard, questions that we've found no public record of his having raised about Richard Tarrant, a megazillionaire candidate with no conservative credentials in the Vermont Republican US Senate Primary, who also faces a conservative challenger.

Hmmm...  Must be love.  Or maybe it's just the money.  Anyway, it just sounds fabulous, Kevin.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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