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ne would think that in a pro-civil union state like Vermont most politicians would think twice about attending an affair hosted by the most bigoted, extremist, anti-civil rights organization to rear its head here since the Klan disbanded in 1944.   Down south it doesn't come as much of a surprise when a future Republican governor goes to a fund-raising cookout held by the former White Citizens Council.   Given his veto this year of transgender civil rights legislation, it came as No Surprise Here that our governor attended the annual summer shindig thrown by the champions of discrimination, Vermont Renewal.   However it's the other names on the list of guests that caught our eye on a new blog called GreenMountainHardRight.

GreenMountainHardRight is Vermont's own entrant into the fun world of the genteel, racialist (read: racist) right.   Don't take our word for it.   Just look at some of the posts.   The very first post on the blog indicates that it takes a part of its name, HardRight, from the term created by the racist writer, Samuel Francis.   Before his death last year (a "must read" obituary here ), Francis had been a favorite speaker of white nationalist groups like American Renaissance and the segregationist organization mentioned above, now known as the Council of Conservative Citizens.   The few mainstream publications that carried him dropped him like the hot-rock he'd become when he said this:
"breaking down the sexual barriers between the races is a major weapon of cultural destruction"
This quote was from a piece that he wrote for the racist website VDare, a featured website on GreenMountainHardRight's National Blogroll.   (Read the piece if you must, but don't forget to wash up when you're done.)

Also listed on his National Blogroll is Steve Sailer, who wrote this in VDare about some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina:
"What you won't hear, except from me, is that 'Let the good times roll' is an especially risky message for African-Americans.   The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups.   Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society. ... In contrast to New Orleans, there was only minimal looting after the horrendous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan — because, when you get down to it, Japanese aren't blacks."
Well, you get the idea.

The writer at GreenMountainHardRight is typical of the perverse erudition on the New Racialist Right.   Same old hooded bedsheet, just a better verbal threadcount.   (And nothing helps the Kool-Aid go down easier than heapin' spoonfuls of academic references, eh perfessor?)

(Note to Cathy Resmer at 802online:   Give'em a look and add it to your Vermont blogroll - it should be a fun, hardcore, winger blog, although somewhat pretentious, in a church-lady kinda way!   Oddly, GMHD maintains a creepy conservative funhouse mirror site here, sans most of the piety.)

We were recognized by a tip of GreenMountainHardRight's hooded sheet right there in the intro paragraph on Vermont Renewal president Stephen Cable, vice-president Judith Sargent and executive director Kevin Blier, who he descibe as "a veritable Machiavelli of the Vermont New Right."   Lucky us.   After adding the blogs GreenMountainDaily and Freyneland (not his first swipe at dear Peter on GMHR blog, btw) to their growing enemies list, GreenMountainHardRight got down to the business of talking up the picnic and the list of GOP "bigwigs."   In addition to the guv and his wife, attending were:
"Windsor County GOP Chairman Suzanne Butterfield... (former) U.S. Senate candidate Greg Parke, Bennington County State Senator and (former) U.S. House candidate Mark Shepard, Attorney General GOP primary opponents Dennis Carver and Karen Karin, Chittenden County State Senate GOP candidate Agnes Clift, and Brandon State Representative Joe Acinapura"
It was at this point that the self-described "reactionary" blogger threw a blogging hissy-fit over the presence of GOP US House candidate Martha Rainville at the event.
"The interesting part of the cookout was when former Adjunct General Martha Rainville decided to show up to eat hamburgers and potato salad the assembled red-headed stepchildren of the Republican Party (Christians and conservatives and anti-abortionists, oh, my!).   It was clear that Rainville was trying to gain a few votes at theevent, an irony given that she has virtually ignored most conservatives during her whole campaign (except to kiss the ring of a few who for some reason her campaign believes are "key" Movement figures."

"Rainville was introduced by former Chittenden County GOP Chairman Rand Larson, who did his best to convince Vermont Renewal's guests that Rainville's stripes were redder than the shade of blue most of us perceived them to be.   It reminded me of the greedy relative who goes to see their rich aunt in the nursing home every few years in hopes of finding out that they are still in the Will.   Only in this case it was a middle-of-the-roader holding her nose in hopes of getting a few votes and maybe some footsoldiers.   It was rather comical, the attempt to mask Rainville's Ripon Society links by associating her with a pro-lifer.   Not even invoking the name of Phyllis Schlafly could convince me of that one.   Whether Rainville picked up any votes from her appearance at the Vermont Renewal Cookout remains to be seen, but I wonder how many she will lose once pro-choice former First Lady Barbara Bush comes to Vermont on her behalf.   Knowing this (and that at least three pro-choice PACs have given her money), I remain doubtful that the conservatives will be flocking to the Rainville camp if she wins September 12.   We've been fooled and stabbed in the back too many times to go that route again."
"Stabbed in the back?"   Yikes!   Wait'll real "moderate" Republicans hear about this trolling for votes at a cookout held by the state's most bigoted, right-wing, partisan, polarizing lobbying group by the now GOP candidate for the US House, Martha Rainville.   Kevin Blier's Vermont/Center for American Cultural Renewal has been noted for such attack's on Vermont's gay community as "Fag Commentary."   One hopes, to paraphrase this candidate's campaign pledge, that she, while not guilty herself of such talk, doesn't allow herself to become "guilty by association as well" with such campaign stops.   After all, is there really much difference between accepting dirty money from tainted groups or soliciting dirty votes from such groups?

"(Hold) her nose," indeed.   We doubt that her old Guard gas mask could keep out the stench of all the bigotry emanating from Vermont Renewal's hate mongers.   Hatred espoused in the name of religion is still hatred.   The cookout's guests need to ask themselves if there really is any dissimilarity in the agenda of the "islamofascists" and that of the christofascists, and can they really afford to be so closely affiliated with such groups?

Read the whole post about the picnic and its guests by Vermont's latest anonymous blogger, vtpaleocon, (welcome to the club!) at GreenMountainHardRight.   It comes as little surprise that Kevin Blier and Vermont Renewal draw such high praise from a blogger with self-made connections to the white nationalist/"white consciousness" community and its ideologues.   It wouldn't be the first time we've found the Blier mob mingling and mongering with the David Duke crowd.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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