Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fisking Kevin Blier

e've come across another one of those wickedly funny emails from Kevin Blier that he sent to a website that clearly has his number, LostNation.TV.   When he whigs out as he did here, Kevin's reading skill and power of observation seem to escape him. And when tied to the long-standing Republican precepts of misdirection, misinformation and minimization, along with his by now well known nasty, anger management issues, it can all make for some humorous reading:
"Re: Jamming - NH Phone Jamming Conspiracy Case Widens
I suppose, Mr. anonymous "Lost Nation TV webmaster", that I should have alerted the authorities of the "impending" felony after it had already happened? And since Kathy Sullivan was aware of the actual crime for 12 hours longer than I was, I suppose that makes the NH Democrat Chair a "co-conspirator" in the cover-up as well?"

If Kevin had bothered to look at the bottom of the piece or had troubled himself to examine the website's main page, he'd have been able to learn, as we did, that the "webmaster", editor and author's name were all in plain view and in numerous locations.   The charge that "Kathy Sullivan was aware of the crime for 12 hours longer than [he] was" is merely that, a charge.   Kevin offers us no evidence, unlike that of the orchestrator of the 2002 NH GOP Phone-jamming scandal who has told investigators repeatedly that it is his belief that he told his confidants, among who he counted Blier, before the criminal event that it was to occur.   Nor does he yet tell us why he kept this statement to him by the perpetrator of the felony his little secret for three and a half years until it all came out earlier this summer in the Union Leader.   Sadly, Kevin can't seem to resist the urge to further victimize the targets of the aborted scheme.

"Seems you could use an editor!"

See above, Kevin.

"I was always willing and available to talk to the FBI and Justice Department long after their initial inquiries, however, it seems I had little to offer their investigation."

This statement does nothing to clear up whether Kevin ever advised any of the investigators that he'd left New Hampshire or why he didn't come forward to tell them what he did know.   There has been no public assestment offered by the investigators of the value they might placed in what he could have told them, had he chosen to come forward. Would his story have remained the same?   Who can say? While it is a crime to lie to investigators, it isn't a crime to lie to a website or a newspaper, so we can't really say yet, given his previous obfuscations and minimization of the event, that we know the whole truth about what Kevin knew and when he knew it.

"I have never accused you liberals of being that bright...and low and've proven it once again!"

"Now, since logic doesn't seem to be a strong suit, and smearing people anonymously is how you seemingly fulfill your fantasies, there's a 9/11 conspiracy theory awaiting you and the rest of the left-wing kooks working to slander anyone who they disagree with."

Now, just who's smearing and slandering who here, eh Kevin?

"Once you become an honest journalist, and are able to check your facts, show your face, and stand behind your assertions with those whom you accuse, than maybe someone other than your minions, sleuthy wannabes, and Star Trek convention-goers would take seriously what you write."

"Sleuthy wannabes???" Really, Kevin.   The rest of what you said before that was just your usual substanceless posturing for effect, but we think the "sleuthy wannabes" crack might have been directed to us.   Frankly, you ain't seen nothing yet.   As for the "Star Trek convention-goers" jab, the funny thing about that is it seems the headliner for your recent exclusive, invitation only, bigot-fest was a... Trekkie!

"Get a life...  better yet...  get a job and become a contributing member of society." --

In all honesty Kevin, there aren't many who would consider your present position as the "Director" of a second-rate, secretive hate group, actively engaged in destroying one Vermont family as a part of a fund-raising scheme, to be much of a life, or much of a job, or much of a contribution to society.

"Kevin Blier"

Kevin Blier  -  What has become, by his leaving, New Hampshire's gain, is now Vermont's loss.

What do fellow GOP conservatives say about The Center for American Cultural Renewal? "...(A)n organization with no Washington presence and little clout with social conservatives outside Vermont where it is based."


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